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At the Cornell Institute for Food Systems (CIFS), we specialize in bringing dynamic teams of experts together to approach food systems issues from a variety of innovative perspectives. The food system is complex and involves elements of the physical and life sciences, economics, social science, policy, and human health. Solutions to local, national, and global food systems challenges must be integrative in a way that both makes important connections between disciplines and addresses multiple stakeholder concerns. CIFS is the group that makes such connections possible. Members include world class Cornell University faculty from more than 15 departments.  In these new and emerging collaborations, CIFS members have unique opportunities to forge new pathways in research, to directly interact with industry stakeholders, and to leverage these multifaceted partnerships with synergistic thinking and innovative food solutions.

Our Vision

To create and apply knowledge for the purpose of ensuring a safe, appealing, and nutritious food supply for all, today and in the future.

Our Mission

To provide a forum for CIFS members to meet, share ideas, and develop collaborative teaching, research, and extension initiatives. 

Our Goal

The long-term goal of CIFS is to foster solution-oriented scientific discoveries and advance technologies and strategies that will lead to a safer, more nutritious, and more accessible global food supply.