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CIFS Roundtables are often some of the most dynamic and productive meetings within the Institute. CIFS brings together diverse groups of faculty to discuss targeted issues with stakeholders through the different lenses of their disciplines and experiences. The format and goals of each Roundtable are flexible. Whether strategizing about current industry challenges, supporting emergency situations (e.g., product recalls, food borne illness outbreaks, manufacturing emergencies, etc.), or brainstorming new research and innovation ideas, CIFS specializes in bringing different people together for synergistic thinking and innovative food solutions. 

Food systems challenges know no disciplinary borders, so when researchers from varied backgrounds collaborate, the integration of their ideas and perspectives necessarily results in stronger and more complete solutions. CIFS is poised to quickly assemble groups on any topic in industry or the food system. On the research side, more than fifteen Cornell Departments and groups participate in CIFS, including over 70 faculty.

The CIFS Industry Partnership Program (CIFS-IPP) is the primary mechanism for requesting Roundtable discussions.  As evidenced by the growing number of inquiries from industry partners, Roundtables are one of the most utilized and important benefits of CIFS-IPP.  Learn more about becoming a member.

Recent Roundtable Topics

  • New approaches to evaluating taste and odor
  • Nutrition across the life span
  • Innovative packaging solutions across customer segments
  • Economic modeling for food safety issues
  • Disruptive innovation for the food system
  • Controlled environment agriculture in the next five years