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CIFS Executive Committee

Charles F. Nicholson

Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Applied Economics and Management
Areas of interest: dairy production, dairy markets & policy
Olga Padilla-Zakour

Olga Padilla-Zakour

Professor and Chair
Department of Food Science
Areas of interest: adding value and safety to agricultural commodities with an emphasis on developing new products/processes, improving or retaining quality in processed foods, increasing economic viability of farm-based ventures, and identifying the key the factors that affect the safety of specialty foods manufactured by small-scale processors

Robert Parker

Associate Professor
Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Food Science
Areas of interest: toxicology and food safety
Mark E. Sorrells, M.E. Sorrells

Mark E. Sorrells, M.E. Sorrells

Fellow Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future; Fellow Cornell Institute for Food Systems
Department of Plant Breeding Genetics
Areas of Interest: milling, baking, and sensory qualities of wheat, heritage wheat, and ancient grains.  Nutritional qualities of oats and inulin content in wheat
Michael Van Amburgh
Department of Animal Science
Areas of interest: discovery and problem solving contemporary issues in nutrition, physiology and management in the dairy and livestock industries