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When the best minds in the life sciences, agriculture, medicine, economics, and business come together to solve a food systems problem or explore a new idea, the potential for multi-dimensional, creative research is truly unlimited. The single biggest strength of the Cornell Institute for Food Systems is its ability to build momentum in research by facilitating unique synergies among its diverse and world-class faculty.

CIFS members hold primary appointments in several departments and units from across the University, including Food Science, Animal Science, Biological and Environmental Engineering, Crop and Soil Science, Horticulture, Nutritional Sciences, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Pathology, Population Medicine, the Atkinson Center, the Dyson School, and the USDA Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture and Health.  

Often coming from very different fields and perspectives, CIFS faculty consistently demonstrate a forward-looking approach to research and have embraced with enthusiasm the potential intersections between theirs and others’ work within the Institute. Strong, multidisciplinary research teams and working groups have proactively formed with the support of CIFS, with proposals already submitted and others in development through the Institute. CIFS is an active hub of collaboration - provocative, groundbreaking research is on the horizon.